Quiz App Woos Potential Gen Z, Millennial Donors
Quiz App Woos Potential Gen Z, Millennial Donors

A new quiz app, usable by all potential funders but targeted toward Millennial and Generation Z audiences, aims to stimulate charitable thinking and donations among these cohorts.

The “Generosity Quiz,” from San Diego-based mobile donation app Coin Up, asks potential funders a series of multiple-choice questions about their motivations for making donations, self-expression, shopping habits and areas of interest or concern. The quiz is simplistic – choose one of four, as opposed to ranking choices or allowing multiple priorities.

The quiz was underwritten in part by a $90,000 Public Awareness and Analysis grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, awarded in October 2021.

Quiz takers are rewarded with a “Generosity Persona,” which includes three adjectival ego-boosting “superpowers” as well as descriptions of the types of charitable activities and roles that might appeal to the quiz taker. This is followed by the quiz taker’s “giving style” – the type of fundraising (crowdfunding, for instance) or volunteering activities (person to person) that would be most appealing to the potential funder.

The results also include general characteristics of potential nonprofit fund recipients, as well as a handful of suggestions regarding specific prequalified nonprofits, with one-click entry to Coin Up-hosted donation forms for each. Funders are encouraged to become recurring donors., either by contributing fixed amounts or by rounding up the prices on their various credit card purchases. Donations are made at a minimum level of $5 per month.

Participating nonprofits must be registered 501(c)3 organizations with a minimum of two years’ good standing. The app takes a 15% transaction and administrative services fee from each donation, which is billed to the nonprofit, in an effort to allow maximum deductibility of the donations.

According to a statement from Coin Up, 84% of Millennials already participate in some form of charitable giving, and “as they age and increase their wealth, they will surpass Baby Boomers and GenXers in terms of dollars donated.” The quiz is one means of putting charities that might otherwise be overlooked in front of Millennials and Generation Z audiences.

The quiz is available here: https://quiz.coinupapp.com/