GoFundMe Rebrands Its Charitable Platform

April 11, 2019       Mark Hrywna      

The charitable arm of GoFundMe.com has been rebranded the platform and launched GoFundMe.org Causes, where donors can support a broad topic with a single donation.

GoFundMe.org Causes initially has six causes to which donors can give:

  • Animal rescue
  • Mental health
  • Environment
  • K-12 classrooms
  • Veterans
  • “Kid heroes”

GoFundMe.org was previously called the Direct Impact Fund, which was started in Fall 2017. GoFundMe.org verifies every fundraiser and organization to which it gives and sends regular thank you messages and updates about individuals and organizations that a person has helped.

GoFundMe.org, and its predecessor, the Direct Impact Fund, is essentially a donor-advised fund (DAF). If donors give to a general cause, its board of directors determines to which charities funds will be distribute.

For instance, within the animal rescue cause, an individual can give to a local shelter, start a campaign to raise money for a local shelter, or simply donate to the category. Instead of choosing a single charity, a donor could give to a general cause.

GoFundMe.org is working with GoFundMe to expand and help more people connect to causes they care about while helping fundraisers reach larger communities. GoFundMe.org is still home to individual or charitable fundraisers but are grouped together under Causes.

The Direct Impact Fund raised more than $30 million to date. The majority of campaigns have served to help survivors of recent hurricanes, fires and shootings. Most recently, GoFundMe.Org raised some $460,000 and distributed $400,00 to four charities providing aid to furloughed federal employees earlier this year. Remaining funds were granted to 10 local charities across the United States to aid furloughed workers.

“Together with GoFundMe, we are expanding the benefits of social fundraising and continuing to support some of the most impactful needs within our community with tax-deductible donations,” said Yoshi Inoue, CEO of GoFundMe.org CEO Yoshi Inoue said via press release announcing the move.

“We’re dedicated to bringing more people together to support causes they care about,” said Raquel Rozas, GoFundMe chief marketing officer. “By working with our non-profit arm, GoFundMe.org, we’re providing people the opportunity to give to one topic they’re passionate about rather than having to pick just one fundraiser to support,” she said.

The top 10 fundraising campaigns last year on GoFundMe.com topped $58 million (https://www.thenonprofittimes.com/news-articles/top-gofundme-campaigns-hit-58-million/). The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund raised the most, eclipsing $22 million, the most of any organization, individual or group one the crowdfunding platform.

Redwood City, Calif.-based GoFundMe is the world’s largest social fundraising platform, raising more than $5 billion since it was launched in 2010, from a community of more than 50 million donors.

To learn more about GoFundMe.org Causes, visit www.gofundme.org

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