And The Answer Is…

If you guessed that the average nonprofit Administrative Director earns $60,155, you are absolutely correct! This data was taken from our 2014 Salary and Benefits Report, which would not be possible where it not for the participation of nonprofit professionals like yourself in our annual Salary and Benefits Survey.


The deadline is approaching — November 7th — for the 2015 edition and we thought this would be a good opportunity to show you will get for participating. Not only will you be providing valuable data for nonprofits across the country, you will also receive some perks for yourself. These include:

  • 50 percent off the final 2015 Salary and Benefits Report which will provide detailed information on 94 employee benefit offerings, 28 job families, and hundreds of nonprofit positions with key performance metrics that can be used to benchmark compensation and benefit practices;
  • A free executive summary of the results; and,
  • A chance to win a FREE iPad Mini.

Participating in the survey is easier than ever. Anyone who participated in the survey in 2013 can use their existing data to jump start the 2015 survey completion process. You only need to change the data that is different. Look for an email from The NonProfit Times with special instructions on how to login to access this new feature. Other features of this year’s survey include:

  • Convenient and flexible survey completion – Complete the online survey questionnaire at your own pace and schedule.
  • Comprehensive job coverage – The survey collects base salary and bonus pay information on more than 300 nonprofit-specific positions.
  • Easy and accurate position matching – Match the positions within your organization to the survey using the intuitive job family groupings and position job descriptions.
  • Ongoing assistance whenever you need it – Contact us by phone or email if you need help completing the survey, or use the handy online resources for instant results.
  • Complete information about benefits practices – The survey gathers information about benefit offerings, costs, eligibility and employee participation for 94 employee benefits from health insurance to retirement plans.
  • Organizational profile information – The questionnaire collects data on budget size, employee turnover, salary increases, employee tenure, staffing levels, geographic location, field of work, and number of employees.

So what are you waiting for? Participate in the 2015 Salary and Benefits Survey today to help all nonprofits plus earn your chance to win a FREE iPad Mini!