Ad Instructions

Custom eBlasts:

Clients to provide:  HTML ad copy (all fonts embedded and host own images) – Max size – 600 x 900 – Text version (OPTIONAL) – Subject Line – Suppression file (OPTIONAL) Max File Size: 100K

Embedded Video Specs: Maximum Video Length – 2 minutes Client Hosted: – Screen Shot – URL link to video NPT Hosting: – Mp4/ mp3 file format – Screen Shot


e-Newsletter Ad Specs:

Ad Sizes: – TOP Banner (Leaderboard – 728×90); Banner 468 x 60 – Skyscraper 120 x 600

File Types: GIF, JPEG, PNG (no animation) Max File Size: 25K

Text Portion: All sponsorships get a text portion – 5 lines, up to 80 characters per line


Website Ad Specs:

Ad Sizes: – Leaderboard 728 x 90 – Medium Rectangle 300 x 250

File Types: JPEG, GIF, Animated GIFs, PNG or Flash Max File Size: 40K

Other Considerations: · No transparent backgrounds · Must be free of harmful applications including ActiveX, viruses, exit pop-ups and any other forms of malware · Maximum play time 15 seconds · No sound or background music · No “strobing” or other rapid flashing of content or background elements · No cross domain scripting or cookies · .swf files must be published for Flash 12 or earlier