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Episode 13: Anatomy of a Mega Merger

February 21, 2019       1test 2test       [post_view]       0
Fresh Research Episode 13 – Brad Smith & Jacob Harold

Two of the two largest data and information nonprofit organizations in the United States announced a merger on Feb. 1. The Foundation Center and GuideStar will become Candid after almost two years of discussions on a merger that has its origins at least a decade in the making.

Episode 11: Volunteer Rates + The Philanthropic Closet

December 20, 2018       1test 2test       [post_view]       0

Part 1: Robert Grimm & Nathan Dietz

Episode 8: Too Many Nonprofits? + Nonprofit Collaboration

September 15, 2018       1test 2test       [post_view]       0

Episode 7: Giving in Retirement + Effective Altruism

August 15, 2018       1test 2test       [post_view]       0

Episode 1: Donor Perceptions + How Wealthy Women Donate

February 21, 2018       1test 2test       [post_view]       0

Ron Sellers of Grey Matter Research talks about donor perceptions of nonprofits based on their size, from findings in Part V of “The Donor Mindset Study: How Donors See Large Versus Small Organizations.” The study can be found here.

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