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  • Affinity Fundraising Registration

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    Affinity Fundraising Registration offers non-profits of all sizes the full range of state registration services. Organizations use our online Single Portal that adapts to meet unique customer needs. Affinity brings organizations into full compliance with the law. You get law firm quality at non-profit prices. More at

    • P.O. Box 12129
    • Denver - CO
    • (877) 320-2299
    • 80212
  • Perlman & Perlman, LLP, Registration & Compliance Office

    Perlman & Perlman is a law practice with more than fifty years of experience in the charitable sector. We successfully manage registrations for hundreds of nonprofits, fundraisers, and commercial co-venturers to make sure they are in compliance with all of their registration and reporting obligations.

    Our Compliance Specialists are supported by our attorneys to ensure that your registrations are complete and fully in compliance with each state’s requirements. The result is a service that uniquely complements your organization’s fundraising strategy, reducing uncertainty, and saving you time and money that helps you better accomplish your organization’s mission.

    • Daniel Jenewein, Miranda Ternes
    • 1855 W. Baseline Road,Suite 250
    • Mesa - AZ
    • (480) 699-8270
    • 85202
  • Mission Edge

    • 2251 San Diego Avenue, Ste. B-204
    • San Diego - CA
    • (877) 232-4541
    • 92110
  • 501(c) Agencies Trust

    501C_1-inchSince 1982, 501(c) Agencies Trust has helped thousands of nonprofit agencies save millions of dollars in unemployment costs. Backed by a team of professional unemployment claims managers, each Trust member receives excellent customer service and an unmatched suite of complimentary services including  unlimited access to an HR Hotline. Please inquire about a Free Analysis!


    • Cynthia Koral
    • (800) 631-2967