Episode 4: Mobile Trends + Jewish Philanthropy

May 16, 2018       1test 2test      

The M+R Benchmarks Report has become one of the most anticipated studies of the year. For more than a decade, it has tracked trends and data for nonprofits, ranging from email open and response rates to social media and mobile fundraising.

This year’s study collected data from 154 nonprofits about all things digital, from email and social media to websites and digital advertising. The report’s findings are derived from almost 4.7 billion email messages, more than 527 million web visits and close to 12 million donations. For every 1,000 email addresses, nonprofits had an average of 474 Facebook fans, 185 Twitter followers, and 41 Instagram followers.

Will Valverde, vice president at M+R and one of the study’s authors, joins us on this episode to talk about some of the numbers they found this year, including the continuing trend toward mobile and  just how many of your supporters actually see that Facebook post from your nonprofit. For instance, on average, each post a nonprofit made on Facebook only reached 7 percent of its fans last year and any given post reached an average of 112 people for every 1,000 followers.

There’s only so much of the 118-page report we could squeeze into this episode but you can find the complete report at www.mrbenchmarks.com


Jack Wertheimer has been studying Jewish philanthropy for more than a quarter of a century. A professor of American Jewish History at the Jewish Theological Seminary of American in Manhattan, Wertheimer updates a study he did some 25 years. With support of the Avi Chai Foundation, he recently released “Giving Jewish: How Big Funders Have Transformed American Jewish Philanthropy.” Among his findings, Wertheimer said Jewish organizations — not unlike many other nonprofits today — are relying more and more on fewer and fewer donors.

A complete copy of the 60-page report can be found here here.

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