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  • 8 Steps to raising money on eBay

    By The NonProfit Times - January 23, 2008

    Use of the eBay online selling system, which is very popular with individuals, is proving to be a real help for nonprofit organizations. Utilizing a name and vehicle with a huge recognition factor can be a great help in fundraising.

    In their book Fundraising on eBay, Greg Holden and Jill Finlayson offer suggestions on what must be done up-front by organizations that might have experience with online dealing but are new to eBay.

    Their suggestions:

    • Register with eBay and MissionFish. This includes both setting up accounts and setting selling preferences, as well as signing up for PayPal or other online payment solutions.
    • Obtain inventory/donations. This involves both soliciting and collecting donations from individuals and companies.
    • Create event branding. This can be as simple as naming your event and creating your personal page on eBay or as advanced as having graphic artists and web designers create a logo and selling templates.
    • Photograph items. Most items sold on eBay will need at least one photograph.
    • List items for sale. It means filling out the Sell Your Item form for one or two items are possibly using software to expedite the listing process.
    • Market auctions. Publicize the event and be willing to leverage online marketing opportunities.
    • Manage auctions. If your descriptions are complete and clear, there will be less need to answer questions, but you must answer emailed questions.
    • Complete sales. Collecting the money is not enough. Pack and ship items.

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