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Technology can be a powerful force that opens exciting opportunities for nonprofits. Through Microsoft Philanthropies, we're investing Microsoft's strongest assets to drive greater inclusion and empowerment of people who do not have access to technology and the opportunities it offers and enables. Click Here to learn more about our Technologies. 

IRS Reclassifies Billy Graham’s Organization 
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) requested and received a determination to reclassify it as an association of churches, amid ongoing battles between religious organizations and the federal government regarding employer requirements related to healthcare.
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This survey and recognition program is dedicated to finding and recognizing the best employers in the nonprofit industry! If you think your organization has what it takes to be honored on the ninth annual "Best Nonprofits To Work For" list…or if you simply want to learn more about this project…we invite you to explore this website.

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Philanthropy’s Arc Of Innovation
Innovation has been a byword of the world for the past two centuries. Entities that have been in step with rapid innovation have usually been able to survive, and even flourish. No matter how much demagogues of any stripe might call for a return to past centuries, continued rapid innovation across many walks of life will make such retrogression impossible.
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The NPT Career Board is a great resource to find quality professionals with experience in the non profit sector. Our goal is to connect Top Talent with Industry Leaders.

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Language Matters When Seeking Funding
People who submit funding requests to grantmakers don’t “write grants.” That’s the common language in the field. But, it’s wrong. According to Barbara Floersch, executive director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, for the sake of accuracy, start with the fact that a grant is funding awarded to an organization by a grantmaker. 
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Deciding When It Is Time To Hire
Tighter budgets and increased demand for services make decisions about staffing difficult, to put it mildly. The need never goes away, but sometimes the money does. And, someone is in the middle of trying to balance those conflicting pressures. Hello. Glad you went to work today? Sometimes organizations have to expand, whether that means hiring is another matter.
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