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Texting Might Be The Only Way To Inform Constituents
Now that most cell phone plans wrap texting into the base fee, a lot more people are sending and receiving text messages. This is a big deal because texts are not like emails. They pop up on the screen instantly and are hard to ignore. Nonprofits managers can take advantage of this growing opportunity to reach a large audience, but that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to get messages from you. In fact, there are laws against sending unsolicited text messages. According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, you need “express written consent” from a recipient before you can send them information.
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The Ask Can So Sideways In A Hurry
You’ve thought the question over a thousand times in your mind, walked over, summoned the courage to ask, and got shot down. All of a sudden, you’re a pubescent again, rejected at the school dance. It might have seemed like the end of the world in middle school, but rejection is something fundraisers have to roll with when approaching major donors and a strong reply can pay dividends.
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