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The world needs nonprofits more than ever. In fact, 77% of nonprofits have seen increased demand for their programs and services. How are they keeping up? Dive into the Nonprofit Trends Report, conducted by Salesforce Research and, to explore how this shift impacts nonprofits’ approach to program resourcing, delivery, engagement, and impact measurement.

Opinion: Don’t Be Calm Before The Coming Storm
There’s no doubt that $410 billion is a lot of money. Calling it an outpouring of generosity would be a mistake. When you consider the soft giving numbers from the first quarter of 2018, the 2017 charitable wave that tabulated the gelt might be labeled an aberration.
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1) Regulators Crack Down On Dubious Vets Charities
2) IRS Dumps Schedule B For Associations, Others NPOs
3) House Provision Permitting Political Churches Moves Forward
4) NPT’s “Fresh Research” Podcast


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Good Work Requires Strong Infrastructure
Almost every nonprofit needs grant funding. Grants are a great resource for powering your organization’s work forward. But even though they’re often a major revenue source, the infrastructure to support grant acquisition and management is commonly neglected.
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"One of the TOP 7 places to find a Non Profit Job online " - Forbes
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8 Membership Principles To Follow
Any nonprofit needs support, and usually the more the better. Members donate money, but they also can spread the word about the organization or the mission or both. Sometimes sheer numbers can have an effect on impact. The need for fundraising is so constant that sometimes the opportunities for increasing membership are overlooked. Members do matter, however.
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