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The need for trust exists in every facet of your organization. This Free E-Book: The Trust Factor & Nonprofit Financial Management, addresses the most common threats to trust and highlights essential factors for building and protecting the trust that ultimately ensures your mission.

NPT/Bluewater Study Shows NPOs Paying Up for Employee Healthcare
The United Way of Northwest Louisiana (UWNL) and Friends of Van Cortlandt Park (FVCP) might seem as if they are worlds apart, separated by some 1,500 miles. Like any nonprofit though, they face their unique challenges when it comes to salaries and benefits to attract and retain employees.
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4 Breaking Stories
1) Trump Golf Tournaments Bogeyed Charities
2) Change.org Gets $30 Million Infusion
3) Telefundraising Finding Ways Around Cell Phones, Avoidance
Federal Budget Proposal Cuts Holes In Safety Nets

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    Grants …
Elements of Ethical Proposals
Each year grant proposals result in billions of dollars in funding from private and government sources. While nonprofit managers wish more dollars were available, the grant money paid each year is significant.  “Anywhere you find big dollars, you find the risk of unethical dealings,” said Barbara Floersch, executive director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “Those responsible for grant applications must be alert to the risks, and organizations must put systems in place to protect against unethical behavior.”
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Responsible Leaders Have 10 Characteristics
It has been said that good leaders know how to wait until they see how the flock is heading and then get in front of them. That might work. But, nowadays the nonprofit sector needs leaders who can get out in front from the get-go and then really lead. In his book “Thirteeners” Daniel F. Prosser wrote that real leaders are responsible leaders, and he offers his 10 characteristics of responsible leaders.
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