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The need for trust exists in every facet of your organization. This Free E-Book: The Trust Factor & Nonprofit Financial Management, addresses the most common threats to trust and highlights essential factors for building and protecting the trust that ultimately ensures your mission.

Plaintiff Sues For Harvard Donor’s Records

A federal judge has given Harvard University until March 20 to turn over the financial information of a top donor and alum, Charles Spackman. It is unclear as of yet whether the university will comply. Judge William G. Young of the United States District Court, District of Massachusetts, granted the request of petitioner Sang Cheol Woo. The order entitles Woo to take discovery from, serve subpoenas to, and be provided requested deposition testimony and documents by the president and fellows of the university.  

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What? Another Strategic Plan?
Why should your organization undertake a strategic planning effort, especially if the previous endeavor resulted in a document that sits in a desk drawer? If the work helps an organization to increase the impact of its work -- to accomplish more of its mission -- by helping leaders be intentional about priorities and proactive in motivating others to achieve them, then by all means the effort is well worth it.
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6 Social Enterprise & Microfinance Insights
Just as effective nonprofit operation requires more than a desire to do good, it also requires more than throwing money at a problem and hoping it will go away. In their book “The Business of Doing Good,” Anton Simanowitz and Katherine Knotts, who have experience in microfinance and social purpose, offer six key insights for putting a social value proposition in a position to drive every aspect of an organization’s strategy and operations. 
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When Dysfunction Becomes An Organizational Pulse
Nonprofits get started because someone has a vision for some type of change. Very often, it is one person who has that vision. That can be a good thing if a charismatic individual can rally allies and enough money to make a difference. Over time, however, nonprofits need to take on a look and feel that are not the same as the identity of the founder. When that does not happen, an organization or cause risks stagnation, irrelevance, possibly even nonexistence.
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