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The Georgetown University Master's in Technology Management prepares you to become a forward-thinking leader in today’s evolving business landscape. Rooted in application, the program emphasizes the cutting-edge skills and technologies that you need to maximize opportunities, inspire innovation, and transform organizations. Explore the program, available in flexible online and on-campus formats.

5 CMS Mistakes That Ruin Your Website 
A lot goes into building a new website or redesigning an existing site. You need to decide what you need it to do, how visitors will use it, how staff will use and update it, and what it will look like. You’ll also need to find ways to make sure it can be found on the web by people searching for it.
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The NPT Career Board is a great resource to find quality professionals with experience in the non profit sector. Our goal is to connect Top Talent with Industry Leaders.

5 Reasons Spreadsheets Aren’t Donor Databases
Nonprofits are very good at doing a lot with a little. Smart executive directors know when spending more will pay off big. When it comes to fundraising, spreadsheets are familiar and free, but they limit your potential to engage with donors and bring in steady funding.  The biggest limitation is the difficulty of tracking relationships. For example, if you want to be able to track each gift as a record, it’s going to be hard to associate each gift with its respective donor.
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5 Parts of a Successful Webinar
It doesn’t matter how good your content is if the logistics are a mess. A successful webinar requires both useful information and thoughtful planning. Here are the five main parts of any successful webinar. Registration Set Up: Your attendees need a landing page where they can register and get additional information about the webinar. When you set up your registration page, make sure to include a description of the session and the date and time when the event will take place. Before your registration page goes live you’ll also have to decide whether you want to charge attendees a fee and what information about attendees you want to collect. 
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