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Thursday, September 4th, 2018


The FULLBEAUTY Brands Masterfile, comprised of mostly female buyers from a variety of fashion and home product catalogs, has been overlaid with data through Infobase. Zero in on your perfect donor prospect. Selects include Adult Age, Child Age, Income, Interests, Ethnicity and Religion. Contact Audrey Wallis at Infogroup Media Solutions, 402.836.5109.

Fundraising Premiums Targeted By USPS

Nonprofits that use premiums for donor acquisition and renewal could face increased costs under an amendment being considered by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The proposal would limit all USPS Marketing Mail, regular and nonprofit, letter-size and flat-size, to content that is only paper-based/printed matter. No merchandise or goods will be allowed of any type regardless of “value.”...
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Mitch-Stuart offers you more extraordinary destinations and unique experiences to help you raise funds at your galas and events. Your donors will have lifetime memories and see that the whole “give and you shall receive” thing is true. Discover the power of “Wow” with effective and effortless consignment from the award winning company who has helped raise over $1,000,000,000 for over 15,0000 nonprofits. 800-574-9991
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Board Members As Fundraising Heros

Not all board members are the same, so it would be a wise strategy to not approach them all in the same way when it comes to fundraising. In her new book, “Nonprofit Hero: Five Easy Steps to Successful Board Fundraising,” Valerie M. Jones, CFRE, of Media, Pa.-based Valerie M. Jones Associates, breaks down the process of through five specific steps:
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Find your next great candidate today! At The NonProfit Times we know a good thing when we saw it. Our special offer for job posts last month got nonprofits from all over the country in front of the right candidates. We've currently added over 300 new jobs! 

Let Your Donors Know You Love Them

“I love her,” says the generic, square-jawed lead to open the third act of the recycled romantic comedy. “I know,” says his generic, less-chiseled friend. “But does she know?” The square-jawed lead rushes out of the apartment before it is too late....
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