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A Breakthrough in Donor Data! The NOZA Enhanced Donor Masterfile represents a revolution in identifying high gift donors, providing nonprofits with powerful access to unique new data selections. NOZA identifies Democratic and Republican donors to thousands of local nonprofits. Reach these prospects now to begin the vital relationships fueling your organization's future success! Contact Allison Hoshia 914-925-2470 for information.

Donor Motivators: What Are They?
Look through the time machine, back to the distant past. Those were kinder, gentler times, before electronic media and their bastard children Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Tumblr and Yelp and LinkedIn and Flickr and Bebo and YouTube and Foursquare and the whole gang of “social media” that long since have abandoned the prefix word “social” came storming into our alternate universe. 
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Make the very most of your fundraising efforts by establishing meaningful relationships with donors who can provide substantial funds for your mission. The 8 Best Practices for Major Giving E-Book shows you how to make it happen, step-by-step. This insightful e-book will help you get started with proven strategies on finding and keeping major donors.  Get 8 Best Practices for Major Giving free to gain a whole new source of mission funds that can get you to your goal!

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5 Ways To Turn Donors Into Fundraisers
In the age of GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and IndieGoGo, people donating to other people rather than organizations is more prevalent than ever. Your organization can embrace this trend of “getting by with a little help from my friends” by turning donors into fundraisers with encouragement, motivation, and the right technology. 
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The NPT Career Board is a great resource to find quality professionals with experience in the non profit sector. Our goal is to connect Top Talent with Industry Leaders.

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4 Case Statement Ideas That Worked
A strong foundation is the beginning to building a solid house. No matter how great your curb appeal, cracks in your foundation will cost you big time next time you renovate. Fundraising is the foundation your organization is built on, and should be a priority when proposing organizational change. 
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"One of the TOP 7 places to find a Non Profit Job online " - Forbes

Contact Darryl Canfield with questions, or for placement, @ 973-401-0202 x204 or by email at darryl@nptimes.com

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6 Ways To Lead A Fundraising Staff
Nonprofit leaders are aware of the need for effective leadership, but one area in which they can overlook that need is fundraising. Speaking at the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) International Fundraising Conference in Boston, Nigel Harris, chief executive officer of the Mater Foundation in Australia, said that there are six R’s of fundraising leadership.
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