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NPT Instant Fundraising  -  Sept. 13, 2016



Blair delivers men and women in their prime (average age 60+) who are known contributors to causes such as: Health – 215,000; Environmental – 87,000;  Religious – 58,000; Political – 29,000. Blair Apogee Enhanced also available! Learn More


Arts Donors Not Impressed By Organizational Efficiency


Are supporters of arts and culture organizations driven more by organizational performance or fundraising efficiency? The answer might be neither, according to a report conducted by researchers Mirae Kim of University of Missouri and Cleopatra Charles of Rutgers University – Newark.



  Cause Marketing …

More Than One Cheese In That Burrito


Creating a relationship with your corporate sponsors is like building a burrito: you can’t put one thing in it and call it a day, especially if the ingredient is gassy. Filling your corporate sponsorship burrito with different benefits and knowing exactly what you can and can’t put in it creates the perfect recipe for success and doesn’t leave your sponsors with a bad taste in their mouth.


An information-packed webinar on Trends in Purchase to Pay – Expanding Your Role in Nonprofit as a Financial Strategist. You’ll discover how to capitalize on today’s best purchase to pay practices, and learn new strategies for a highly successful P2P career. Learn More

   Direct Response …

Direct Mail Really Is Not Dead


While the eulogy may be written and the gravestone carved, wait just a moment before you start playing that funeral dirge, because direct mail is not dead. While anyone who is anyone has been predicting the end of direct mail, the Internet has not entirely usurped direct mail as the primary way that nonprofits attract and maintain donors.


Job Seekers Announcement Special

1) Director of Global Communications - Helen Keller International (New York, New York)
2) Director of Philanthropy - Project Angel Food (Los Angeles, California)
3) Grant and Financial Development Specialist - YMCA of Silicon Valley (East Palo Alto, California)
4) Manager, Impact & Measurement - United Way Worldwide (Alexandria, Virginia)

Contact Darryl Canfield with questions, or for placement, @ 973-401-0202 x204 or by email at darryl@nptimes.com

   Grants …

An Organized Response to Chaotic Guidelines


Some grant application guidelines are less than clear and the worst are absolutely chaotic. No matter what the funder throws out, however, a grant professional must sift through the information, sort instructions into some sort of order, and present a logical and responsive proposal.


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