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The Disabled American Veterans file offers a variety of selections for every mailer. With enhanced psychographic, demographic, ethnic and religious data, as well as TargetReady Models® and Apogee enhanced, mailers can find an audience for virtually any offer. 60+ mailers continue! Contact John Briley at Infogroup Data Solutions, 402.836.5692

Open This Email, Not That One
An estimated 269 billion emails go out each day, according to a recent study by The Radicati Group In Palo Alto, Calif. (Email Statistics Report, 2017-2021) Our inboxes are increasingly busy and many people have more than one email address. With so many emails coming and going, it’s easy to fall into the trap of clicking without looking very closely. But in the age of ransomware and malware, that can be a very expensive mistake. Here are some questions to ask to help you and your staff spot risky emails.
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Small NPOs Can Compete And Prosper
You might have heard a colleague or peer talk about planned giving or maybe you’ve taken your interest a step further by doing some research online or sitting in on a session at a conference. The requisite relationship building, organization, and legal considerations can make taking the leap intimidating, however. Attorney Barbara R. Diehl sought to dive into the basics of planned giving during her session, “Planned Giving When You Don’t Have a Planned Giving Office, Time, or Training” at Fundraising Day in New York 2017. The presentation featured primary elements of gift types and how to be creative and personal in approach. Among the building-blocks discussed during the program were:
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Building Your Program Based On Analytics
For some fundraising shops, it’s a task on par with embarking on a voyage to a far-away volcano destroy an all-powerful ring. Analytics, by their nature, can be complex with so many different variables potentially factoring in. To those who are able to master the strategy, however, often go the spoils. Heather Campbell, director of analytics and data management for Princeton University, and Jennifer MacCormack, director of advancement analytics for the University of Washington, sought to provide attendees with a stronger grasp on the ins and outs of implementing analytics during their session, “Smarter Fundraising Using Analytics” at Fundraising Day in New York 2017. Among the approaches the pair recommended were:
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