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Instant Fundraising - August 30, 2016  

Learn more about donor-advised funds and how you can cultivate and work with donors who use them in this free e-book that includes:

  • A simple, no-nonsense definition of donor-advised funds
  • 9 facts about donor-advised funds that can benefit your nonprofit
  • Best practices for how to record gifts from donor-advised funds


Email Copy & The Donor User Experience 


You’ve spent hours perfecting the copy for your fundraising email. You have a great case for support and a clear request for a contribution. However, even the world’s best copy will fail if the email doesn’t get opened. And no matter how much your donors care about your cause, they will walk away if the post-donation experience isn’t positive.




Direct Mail …

Profiting From A Combined Promotable Universe

Looking for a higher yield from promotional emails and mail? Try combining lapsed members and prospective members into a single pool. The results might surprise you, according to executives from the AARP. 


Employers: Find experienced & responsible NonProfit professionals today!


Online …

Crowdsourcing Is Also Community-Building 


Encouraging individuals and groups to raise money for your organization isn’t “Tom Sawyer-ing” them into whitewashing your fence for you. It is creating engagement within your community and raising fun, and funds, for your cause. 


Job Seekers Announcement Special

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Fundraising …

Mainstreaming Your LGBTQ Fundraising Programs

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) community has grown and will continue to do so. That has implications for the nonprofit sector in everything from hiring to community support, including fundraising.


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