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Was it a Winner or a Loser? Why Testing is Critical
Testing is a critical and essential part of any effective direct mail program. Just like competing for customers and sales in the commercial world, competition is intense for donors and their loyalty. This competition is healthy, as more ideas and concepts flow out into the marketplace which can be adapted by different organizations with innovative package adjustments and tweaks that relate to their specific missions.
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Red, Blue or Indifferent: The Election Changed Fundraising
November 8, 2016 marked a turning point in fundraising in the United States. The unanticipated outcome of the presidential election resulted in a surge in donors. Many organizations adjusted fundraising strategies and are now asking, “what’s next.” A panel of experts from the Association of Direct Response Fundraising Counsel aimed to answer that question during the 2017 DMA Nonprofit Conference in Chicago in a session titled “Crystal Ball: Whether Yours is Red or Blue, We Have Something for You.” 
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5 Ways To Rebuild A Middle Donor Program
Middle donors are often treated like middle children. They are the loyal, dependable donors who get overlooked because they aren’t the high maintenance major donors and they aren’t the shiny new donors who need our attention. Fundraisers have taken notice of these highly valuable donors and found a veritable goldmine of committed supporters willing to increase their giving, become major donors and provide a feeder for planned gifts.
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