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St. Joseph's Indian School donors (56% women, 36% men) help provide Native American children with educational and residential care. St. Joseph’s also supports ministries on South Dakota reservations, operates a Native American museum, and provides college scholarships. 1,582,000 Last 12 Month Donors. Apogee Enhanced and Spanish Speaking files are also available. Contact John Briley at Infogroup Media Solutions, 402.836.5692

10 Questions to Ask Your Supporters
Where are you from? What do you do? Where did you go to school? Do you have any siblings? These types of questions roll out at rapid pace at restaurants across the country every weekend as individuals on first dates seek to learn more about one another. The better two people know one another, the thought goes, the better each will know how their potential relationship might work and the stronger the related bond.
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This e-book offers hands-on guidance and planning worksheets developed to help nonprofits create and execute their email marketing strategy. You will learn a simple strategy, broken down into quick tasks, to help you manage your time and have more success telling an inspiring story to drive fundraising results. To learn how to plan, write, design, measure, and ultimately, cultivate your relationships with donors, Download this free e-book.

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Meaningful Engagement With Young Professionals
They seem like a match made for the movies. Small organizations are often looking for new, active supporters to take their missions to the next level. Millennials, their impact on the world broadening, are seeking out ways to engage. Placing the two together in the movies might be as simple as locating a shaded park bench or a ritzy party. In the real world, one might just follow the advice of Kate Sarata, executive director of The Service Collaborative of WNY, and Naomi Pabon-Figueroa, associate at Robert J. Miller and Associates.
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Program Start-Up Comes With Demands
When you win a major grant award, a tsunami of demands roars in with the money and all too often your buoyant “we won” high sinks beneath the stress. “Project start-up is tough, and careful management is critical,” said Barbara Floersch of The Grantsmanship Center, Los Angeles, Calif. “Serious missteps at this point will throw the project into a never-ending game of catch-up.”
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