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The donors of Boys Town are compassionate individuals who, in addition to providing support to help improve the lives of children and families, have also responded to other appeals for health charities, international relief organizations, Catholic missions, devotional groups, cultural associations, environmental organizations and other nonprofit fundraisers. 120+ mailers are continuing! Contact Peggy O’Keefe at Infogroup Data Solutions, 402.836.5690

6 Ways To Entice Millennial Donors
They’re here. Millennials gain prominence in society and commerce each year, making them an attractive population to help expand and diversify your organization’s donor base. What remains elusive, however, is how to attract this sect of donors, larger in number than Baby Boomers, after years of focusing on predominantly older donors -- those who tend to be the most likely to give.
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Free E-Book: How to use Data to manage your Nonprofit.  Learn how data and reporting can help you operate more like a business while staying true to your organization’s mission.


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NPT/Bluewater Study Shows NPOs Paying Up for Employee Healthcare

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Trigger Emails Greeting Donors In The Morning 
Ready, aim, fire! Trigger emails zero-in on potential donors on a platform that is close and personal. With 1 in 5 people checking their email before getting out of bed each morning, there is the potential for donors to be thinking about your cause before they even think about breakfast. A prospective supporter providing an email address is the first step in the process of triggering personalized messaging through an automated process. 
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"One of the TOP 7 places to find a Non Profit Job online " - Forbes

Contact Darryl Canfield with questions, or for placement, @ 973-401-0202 x204 or by email at darryl@nptimes.com

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A Balanced Approach to Grants Management 
Organizations managing grant-funded programs are anxious to stay out of trouble. Given the considerable regulations associated with government grants, especially federal grants, it’s easy to understand why abiding by the rules is the primary focus. “You’ve got to know the rules and play straight,” said Barbara Floersch, executive director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “But there’s much more to good grants management.” 
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