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The Boys Town file delivers over 1.7MM compassionate individuals who, in addition to providing support to help improve the lives of children and families, have also responded to other appeals for health charities, international relief organizations, Catholic missions, devotional groups, cultural associations, environmental organizations and other nonprofit fundraisers. Enhancements available. 100+ mailers continue! Contact Peggy O’Keefe at Infogroup Media Solutions, 402.836.5690

Myths And Urban Legends Stall Fundraising Efforts
Like a giant game of telephone, a nonprofit professional can hear about the successes or trials of one peer organization, pass that information on to another, and as the story is told and retold what might have been a one-off observation gains life. An exception to a rule is suddenly a mythological golden rule.
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5 Ideas For Taming Federal Red Tape
Before you can manage government grants successfully, you’ve got to untangle a snarl of red tape. For example, when a grant from state or local government is funded with dollars passed down from the feds, both state and federal requirements apply. And, depending on the issue, the state-requirements may be more stringent, or the federal hand might be heavier.
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Jewish Philanthropy is Transitioning
Jewish tradition has it that the reward for fulfilling one obligation is the opportunity to fulfill another. That concept can be extremely helpful to the philanthropic sector, but as with any group in America, it would be a mistake to presume there will be support from Jewish donors. In her book “Diversity and Philanthropy,” Lilya Wagner cites a wide range of sources to give an outline of several changes over the past few years that have had an effect on Jewish philanthropy.
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