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Since 1892, the Sierra Club has been working to protect communities, wild places, and the planet itself. They are the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. The Sierra Club is committed to ensuring safe and healthy communities in which to live and finding smart energy solutions to combat global warming. Contact Britt Perry (914) 925-2423.

Planned Giving: How To Kill Your Program
Some institutions seem bent on making sure their estate giving programs don’t grow and thrive. While reasons for marginalizing estate giving donors and treating them as if they don’t matter aren’t clear, these are highly effective strategies for discouraging planned gifts. It might take some work, but if you are trying to kill your estate giving program -- perhaps permanently -- do the following.
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Free E-Book: How to Plan a Nonprofit Fundraising Event on a Budget. Events are an essential (and oftentimes expensive) aspect of fundraising. This comprehensive guide shares tips and best practices from executive directors, event planners, and fundraising experts that can help you succeed in raising more money at your event while spending less in the process.


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Best Nonprofits To Work For (2017)

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The Value of Donor Loyalty
The effect of increasing donor loyalty by 10 percent today would be to enhance the lifetime value of the fundraising database by up to 200 percent, according to Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Elaine Jay (Building Donor Loyalty: The Fundraiser’s Guide to Increasing Lifetime Value, Jossey-Bass, 2004). So, what is your organization doing to foster donor retention?
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Contact Darryl Canfield with questions, or for placement, @ 973-401-0202 x204 or by email at

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Know Women’s Philanthropic Preferences
Young women donors today are holding their own when it comes to charitable giving, contrary to those who say that younger generations -- Millennials and Gen Xers -- are less generous than their predecessors.
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