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A large, versatile, direct response donor list, March of Dimes continues to bring success to hundreds of mailers each year. Donor and type of cause sub-categories, demographics, interests, child data, ethnicity, and TargetReady Models® are selectable—and Apogee members can select Apogee donor behavior variables. Wiland modeling is available to Wiland participants. View List Guide. Contact Peggy O’Keefe at Infogroup Media Solutions, 402.836.5690

Netflix Model Turns “Donors” Into “Subscribers”
Nonprofits have been taking a page from the likes of Netflix and other subscriber services, suggesting donors make it a monthly gift each time they make a contribution. At least anecdotally, it seems monthly giving programs have taken over a prominent space on websites and in other appeals. City Harvest established its monthly giving program about 15 years ago and the program has steadily grown. The number of donors and revenue doubled within the past five years, according to Robyn Rocondino, direct response officer.
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For 2018: Reflect, Assess, Plan, Win
The process of reflection and goal setting that rings in the New Year is a great opportunity for grant professionals. “Assessing what’s worked well and what hasn’t helps us set realistic goals and lay out a plan of action,” said Barbara Floersch, executive director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “Reflection and goal-setting help us work more strategically,” she said.
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Protecting Against Breaches Is A Fluid Job
The computer, tablet, or phone that you are reading this on might already be obsolete, as the old joke goes. Seemingly every week tech companies come out with new devices that are smaller and faster with new bells and whistles. If the adage about the rapid development of technology is true, then so must the evolving threats facing that technology.
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