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 The March of Dimes donor list continues to bring success to hundreds of mailers each year. Donor and type of cause sub-categories, demographics, interests, child data, ethnicity, and TargetReady Models® are selectable—and Apogee members can select Apogee donor behavior variables. Wiland modeling is available to Wiland participants. Download the 2017 List Guide! Contact Peggy O’Keefe, Infogroup Media Solutions, 402.836.5690.

Online Hyper-Targeting Big Dollar Donors
Familiarity is a powerful factor in the human decision-making, something that top brands such as Coca-Cola have known for many years. If you have a base level of familiarity with a product, you are significantly more likely to choose it. This idea is not a new one and has been proven across multiple studies with movies and restaurants showing preferences toward what is familiar. 
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4 Challenges, Rewards of Identity-Based Philanthropy
No one can say where your next best donors will come from, so why would you not prepare for all contingencies and opportunities? In Diversity and Philanthropy (Praeger, 2016), Lilya Wagner, Ed.D., CFRE, explores “identity-based philanthropy,” or the acceptance of the differences and the acknowledgment of identity preferences. 
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The Challenges of Donor-Controlled Gifts
The nonprofit sector abounds with stories of people who want to terminate or significantly change the requirements of a donor-advised funding plan. Very often disputes, such as children of the original donors charging that the recipient has diverged from the parents’ wishes, are acrimonious and, worse for the sector, high profile.
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Finding Donors Via Illumination
Trying to understand the way your donors think to improve customer experience can seem an impossible code to crack, but journey mapping can be the cipher. 
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