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A large, versatile, direct response donor list, March of Dimes continues to bring success to hundreds of mailers each year. Donor and type of cause sub-categories, demographics, interests, child data, ethnicity, and TargetReady Models® are selectable—and Apogee members can select Apogee donor behavior variables. Wiland modeling is available to Wiland participants. View List Guide. Contact Peggy O’Keefe at Infogroup Media Solutions, 402.836.5690.

New Federal Tax Reform Bill To Impact Grants
Even nonprofits that don’t receive direct federal grants often benefit from money provided by state, county, city or other organizations that pass-through federal support. The far-reaching arm of the federal dollar means almost all nonprofits feel the hurricane-force drama pouring out of Washington, D.C.
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Pave The Way For Easier Corporate Partnerships
Entities all over the country are faced with the challenges of doing less with more and trying to elevate themselves up over the typical rat race. Some associations have taken to corporate partnerships, but such partnerships face a number of challenges including partners’ desire for return on investment, skepticism among boards and staff, and mission alignment.
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Boomers are aware of emotion manipulation
You remember the Baby Boomers. Hey, you might even be one. In case you are unaware, they were born after — and grew up constantly hearing about — World War II. The lived through the ‘50s and ‘60s and went to work in the ‘70s, some more slowly than others. They didn’t grow up on computers, but they have adapted to them, maybe grudgingly, just as they have adapted to social media and, the big one, to online giving.
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