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Guideposts Foundation Donors file delivers 447,000 caring individuals who embrace traditional family values and support the ministry programs of Guideposts Outreach (key programs include Military Outreach and Guideposts Outreach Comfort Kit). 45+ nonprofits continue! Guideposts Corporate Apogee Enhanced also available. Lynn Wallis, Infogroup Data Solutions, 402.836.5602. Guideposts is a nonprofit publisher of inspirational magazines and books.

Mobile Use Up, But Online Gifts Are Via Desktops
More than half of the visitors to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) website are via mobile devices, compared with 36 percent from desktop computers, and another 9 percent from visitors on tablets. Despite the increasing proportion of mobile visitors, 80 percent of gifts still come via desktop users compared with 20 percent via mobile.
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When Do You Need a Planning Grant?
Organizations constantly engage in program planning, and most of the time that work folds readily into the ongoing work of administrators and program managers. In effective organizations, staff members have a finger on the pulse of community problems and regularly form working groups, join community networks, and pull together colleagues to lay out a way forward. 
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