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Boys Town Donors file delivers 1.3M compassionate individuals who, in addition to providing support to help improve the lives of children and families, respond to appeals for health charities, international relief organizations, Catholic missions, devotional groups, cultural associations, environmental organizations and other nonprofit fundraisers. Additional files available—please inquire. Peggy O’Keefe, Infogroup Media Solutions 402.836.5690

Study Proves Triple-Digit Revenue Hike From Sustainers
National Harbor, Md. -- Fundraisers are frequently hungry for more donors and revenue, but they might be leaving both on the table by not diving into sustainer programs. In fact, converting donors to sustainers could result in a post-conversion revenue increase of up to 300 percent.
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Adding An “A” To “RFM”
Those lapsed donors, so close yet so far, so tantalizing, so frustrating. Bringing backed lapsed donors can pay off big, but sometimes fundraisers look at the effort and wonder if it is worth all the trouble. It can be, if it is done intelligently.
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The NPT Career Board is a great resource to find quality professionals with experience in the non profit sector. Our goal is to connect Top Talent with Industry Leaders.

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Beware the Rogue Grant Proposal
If your organization doesn’t have strict protocols in place for the development and submission of grant proposals, you risk the possibility of rogue funding requests flying out the door. Unless there are well established guidelines for the process, enthusiastic staff members can unintentionally stir up a hornet’s nest of complications by unilaterally applying for grants. 
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6 Ideas That Ensure Your Message Is Heard
If every action has an equal opposite reaction, what’s your organization’s reaction plan when the media shines a spotlight on your cause? Having a plan in place ensures that your message gets heard, increasing donations and visibility. Wendy Marinaccio Husman, account director at Donordigital and Whitney Broadwell, senior resource development officer at International Medical Corps, lead a session titled “Use the News: How to Fundraise When the Media Spotlight Shines on Your Organization’s Mission” addressed ideas to help your organization be prepared when it is in the spotlight:
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