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Hero Worship And Your Donors
Imagine if, after Superman first swooped down from the sky, Lois Lane said “Thanks, I promise you’ll never hear from me again.” That doesn’t make sense, does it? Then it doesn’t make sense to stop thanking and seeking out the support of your donors after they’ve been converted. The relationship is just beginning. During their session, “‘You Are a Hero!’ Emails that Raise More,” at bbcon 2017 in Baltimore, Md., Gaby Gollub, senior online marketing specialist for World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Ryan Wallace, director of digital media for Operation Smile, discussed how to keep donors connected to your organization’s mission and feeling integral to its success.
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Make Attachments To Grant Proposals Count
Funder guidelines usually restrict the number or type of documents grantseekers can attach to a proposal. Some restrict the number of pages, and others only allow required items such as a letter documenting 501(c)3 status, a list of board members, the most recent audit, etc. “But when no restrictions apply, that’s not a free pass,” said Barbara Floersch, executive director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “You’ve got to be careful. It’s easy to make mistakes that can siphon power from the application package and undermine your argument for support.”
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A Market Approach Fueling Income
Despite the feel-good ethos that many outsiders (and even a few insiders) associate with the nonprofit sector, the trend for many years has been a more market-oriented approach. In his book “The Resilient Sector Revisited,” Lester M. Salamon credits this approach for much of the growth in the sector. Further, he wrote that such an approach manifests itself in several discernible ways.
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Winning Association Members Back In 4 Steps
Losing members is a hazard of managing an association. For any number of reasons -- budget, time, dissatisfaction, simple forgetfulness -- members come and go every year. John Cusack, Peter Gabriel’s catalog, and a boombox can go a long way in winning lapsed members back, but there might be an easier approach. During her presentation, “Targeted Revenue Source: Lapsed Member Recruitment” at the 2017 American Society of Association Executives Meeting & Exposition in Toronto, Ont., Vivian Swertinski, senior digital marketing strategist for Informz, encouraged attendees to come up with intentional strategies in an effort to win lapsed members back.
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