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From security and total cost of ownership to financial integrity and operational efficiency, there’s plenty for nonprofit CFOs to consider before moving critical financial data to the cloud. Luckily, our newest white paper simplifies seemingly complicated cloud software decision-making with five key considerations. Download your free copy today.

IRS-Speak Can Often Use Translation
Keeping the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) happy is no easy chore, one that is sometimes made more difficult by terminology that IRS examiners understand but that a normal human can’t comprehend. Speaking during an AICPA Not-For-Profit Industry Conference, Elaine Leichter of the IRS offered clarification of a few terms that might be of help to nonprofit organizations when dealing with the IRS and trying to speak the same language that its employees do. 
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With $30 million in potential unemployment liability mitigated last year for over 2,100 nonprofits, it’s likely that your nonprofit could be overpaying. This short 30-minute webinar reveals some of the most common unemployment & HR risks that can cost your nonprofit thousands of dollars. Register for the free webinar HERE at

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Finance: Zero-Based Budgeting Isn’t For Everyone
While not a new concept (Peter F. Drucker used the term more than 40 years ago), more organizations are beginning to incorporate zero-based budgeting (ZBB) as one of their analytical tools in every budget cycle. However, this program needs to be chosen carefully, and it is not right for all organizations all the time. In The Budget-Building Book for Nonprofits, second edition (John Wiley & Sons Inc.), authors Murray Dropkin, Jim Halpin and Bill La Touche advised managers who are initiating a ZBB process to ask the following questions:
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