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It doesn't take an accounting genius like you to see the impact Financial Edge NXT can have at your organization. This first-of-its-kind cloud accounting solution developed exclusively for nonprofits can help you decrease administrative expenses and put more money toward your mission. How much more?

Critically Low Reserves Require Funding “Reboot” 
More than half of surveyed nonprofits have frequent or chronic budget deficits; 40 percent have fewer than three months of operating reserves; and, 10 percent showed no reserves, making that group technically insolvent. “Given the prominence of the nonprofits we looked at, the results came as a surprise. Something is deeply wrong when a system so consistently leaves nonprofits struggling and we want to help change that,” according to Michael Etzel, a partner at Boston-based Bridgespan.
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Blackbaud Buys JustGiving, Extends Crowdsourcing Reach

NPT Job Alert  :  Diocese of Steubenville - Chief Financial Officer

"This individual will provide both operational and programmatic support to the Diocese. The they will supervise the finance unit and will be the chief financial spokesperson for the Diocese and directly assists the Executive Assistant to the Bishop on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding."                Click here to learn more...

You Decide: Service Provider Or Social Entrepreneurship
Social entrepreneur is a term that has become popular in the nonprofit sector, although there might be just as many definitions attached to the term as there are people using it. With its increased use, it might be helpful to have an agreed-upon meaning that will serve everyone in the sector.
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The 180-Degree Workplace Teammates
Opposites attract, or so the saying goes, but in the workplace opposites can often attract problems relating to philosophy, management style or even just work habits. Bringing opposites together can result in a synthesis that draws the best from each party, offering possibilities that would not have been possible with just one. Or, bringing opposites together can result in stasis, leading to stagnation, personality differences that can’t be overcome and destruction of an organization.
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