//Exempt Newsletter - June 16, 2017
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It doesn't take an accounting genius like you to see the impact Financial Edge NXT can have at your organization. This first-of-its-kind cloud accounting solution developed exclusively for nonprofits can help you decrease administrative expenses and put more money toward your mission. How much more?

DAFs: Waiting On Washington, Upping Gift Frequency Targeted By Fund Managers
Vanguard Charitable is entering some uncharted waters this year as the combination of a new administration, forthcoming tax reform, and a strong stock market have all converged in a way never before seen in the donor advised fund (DAF) space. This year marks just the third administration change in the 20-year history of Vanguard’s DAF. 
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3) Grassley Praises WWP Management Changes
NPT/Bluewater Study Shows NPOs Paying Up for Employee Healthcare

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Responsible Leaders Have 10 Characteristics
It has been said that good leaders know how to wait until they see how the flock is heading and then get in front of them. That might work. But, nowadays the nonprofit sector needs leaders who can get out in front from the get-go and then really lead. In his book “Thirteeners” Daniel F. Prosser wrote that real leaders are responsible leaders, and he offers his 10 characteristics of responsible leaders.
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It’s Man (And Woman) Versus Machine
A concept that would have seemed like nothing more than an oxymoron not too long ago is now one that is commonly used: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Considering what passes for intelligence in much of the world, the artificial kind can look rather appealing, but like any trend it can carry its own drawbacks. In his book “Connect: How Companies Succeed by Engaging Radically with Society” John Browne, writing with Robin Nuttall and Tommy Stadlen, praises AI but cautions that there are serious risks associated with it.
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