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6 Principles of Good Data Visualization
Data visualization can make abstract information clear and actionable -- but only if you have a clear vision for what you need your data to show and how you’ll create your visualization. Here are six principles that, if you keep them in mind, can guide you toward developing compelling data visualizations.
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Restricted Gifts: What You Can And Can’t Do 

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5 Reasons For A Market Approach 
Despite the feel-good ethos that many outsiders (and even a few insiders) associate with the nonprofit sector, the trend for many years has been a more market-oriented approach. In his book “The Resilient Sector Revisited,” Lester M. Salamon credits this approach for much of the growth in the sector. Further, he wrote that such an approach manifests itself in several discernible ways.
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Performing The Analysis
Analyzing what went wrong is painful, but it is important to conduct that analysis in the right way. During a Nonprofit Risk Management Center Risk Summit session, Melanie Herman and Aaron Lundberg took a close look at how to go about it after the fact. Herman is executive director of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center and Lundberg is president and CEO of Praesidium, which began after a volunteer coach was found to have sexually abused a none-year-old boy. Based on that experience, they offered the following for performing the analysis:
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