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Finance: What Are You Measuring—and Why?
When the board or executive director asks how successful fundraising has been, what do you measure to explain results? Most likely you focus on total funds raised, new donors acquired, the number of new major gifts, etc. While money is certainly something everyone understands, there are additional measures that illustrate meaningful fundraising achievements.
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It doesn't take an accounting genius like you to see the impact Financial Edge NXT can have at your organization. This first-of-its-kind cloud accounting solution developed exclusively for nonprofits can help you decrease administrative expenses and put more money toward your mission. How much more?

    Grants …
3 Ways to Win General Operating Grants
It’s every nonprofit administrator’s dream to snag grant funding for the ongoing, day-to-day operations of the organization. While general operating grants are still far less common than project-focused grants, the importance of supporting overhead expenses is increasingly recognized in the philanthropic sector.
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Free Webinar: Strengthening Nonprofit Accountability Through Audit-Ready Financials.
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    Human Resources …
The Truth About Organizational Diversity
Just about everyone has accepted, if not embraced by now, the idea of diversity in the workplace. This applies to hiring, promotion or transfer and succession planning. The thing about diversity, however, is that it is, well, diverse. Worthwhile efforts to hire groups that at one time would have been routinely excluded from consideration (e.g., women, people of color) have borne results, but they can sometimes actually limit the focus on diversity.
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    Risk Management…
7 Reasons Preventing Injuries Is Better
Injury prevention seems like one of those “of course we care about it” issues. Promoting safety also takes an intelligent, planned approach. Prioritizing injury types that need to be addressed in important to the process. In their book “Grass Roots Injury Prevention,” Diana Samarakkody, Elizabeth Davis and Rod McClure emphasize just what the title says, Grass Roots Injury Prevention (GRIP).
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