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6 Things Real Nonprofit Leaders Understand
Leadership involves a lot, including items that are obvious and those that are subtle. In his book “Leading the Life You Want,” Stewart D. Friedman offers several views of what leadership needs. Friedman based his findings on a program he developed at the Ford Motor Company and a course at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
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Hit The Ground Running After An Accident
Organizational risk managers often like to think about accidents in preventative terms, looking at how to eliminate or mitigate the risk of accidents as opposed to planning for when issues boil up. Mapping out what went wrong when accidents do strike can be just as important, aiding both the matter at hand and the prevention of future incidents.During his session, “Chiseling, Carving, then Sculpting a Flawless Accident Investigation Process, at Risk Summit 2017 in Philadelphia, Pa., Gregg Kloss, loss control consultant at Nationwide Insurance, mapped out for attendees how to respond to the aftermath of an accident. 
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Profiting From The Impact Of Social Investing
Mission and money used to be separate in the view of boards and trustees. According to Eric John Abrahamson, Ph.D., in his book Beyond Charity, “As good stewards, boards of trustees have been expected to manager their investments prudently and allocate their budgets to maximize the effectiveness of their programs. Traditionally, the social mission of the organization was not supposed to color the organization’s investment strategy.”
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