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2017 NPT 100: Program Service Revenue And Donors Do The Heavy Lifting
The nation’s largest nonprofits had continued revenue growth last year not only from increased giving from the public but also fees and revenue derived from their programs. The ups-and-downs of the stock market knocked around some portfolios but nonprofits generally still were in the black when it came to gains.
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If you’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit employer, the deadline to take advantage of your unemployment tax exemption status for 2018 is fast approaching! Benchmark your unemployment costs before Nov 15th and potentially save thousands annually. Submit your FREE Unemployment Cost Analysis today!

Tales From Reluctant CEOs
For years, IBM was a leader in its industry, a shining example of strong organizational culture. When things started changing, though, shifts from an emphasis on large mainframe computers, the strong culture of the organization made it slow to adapt. That’s just one of the examples cited in the recent book, “Tales From a Reluctant CEO: Lessons for Nonprofit and Start-up Leaders,” by Maxine Harris and Michael B. O’Leary.
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Three nationally-known executives steeped in nonprofit finance will sort through the future of financial underpinnings at nonprofit organizations and will discuss the newest data needs for contemporary decisions. Click Here to Register

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6 Recommendations For Endowment Management
Asset allocation is the most important decision that a foundation’s investment committee can make, and it’s a key indicator of future returns. “The Advancement of Religious-Based Fundraising Foundations in the United Sates: An analysis of fundraising, endowment management, and governance/disclosure practices of Catholic foundations,” by Walter Dillingham, managing director, endowments and foundations, at Wilmington Trust, provided six recommendations for endowment management for foundations:
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