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Nonprofits operate in a world of significant complexity, limited resources, & software solutions that were built for a different time. With the increasing need for transparency & compliance, nonprofits need the right technology solution to improve financial & operational performance. Download this Ebook to learn how engaging the right technology can empower your back office to change the world. 

Bank Error Reported On 1,200 ACLU Donors’ Checks
More than 1,000 donors to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) made contributions to the organization in the spring but only recently were alerted to the fact that their donations were not processed. In a letter to affected donors, ACLU Director of Development Operations Veronica Koo explained that a donation in April was received but never deposited due to an error at the bank but the nonprofit only learned of the mistake months later.
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Ensure Confidentiality After Crisis
Nonprofit managers often come together to evaluate what happened and how response went after a major incident or crisis. Though the information sharing is important for the organization to improve, it might not be information that leadership would want disseminated outside of themselves and counsel. During their presentation, “Everyone’s a Critic: Conducting an After Action Review without Alienating the Artists” at Risk Summit 2017 in Philadelphia, Pa., Ashden Fein, associate, and Marialuisa Gallozzi, partner, at Covington & Burlington LLP discussed how to go about protecting information shared during After Action Reviews (AARs). 
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