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Cutting Tech Costs Comes With Risk
Your staff wants to use their own phones and tablets for work, arguing that it will boost productivity and reduce costs. Let them use the devices they want and they’ll be happier and more efficient. They already carry their own phones everywhere and don’t want to have to carry another or settle for the slow, outdated models provided by the organization. 
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Survey participants reported confidence level in their organization’s governance practices was 59%, down from 76% confidence level reported in 2014. This survey analyzed responses from leaders and board members at 616 organizations across the country from March-May 2016. Survey respondents have tripled since 2014 — confirming the importance of strong corporate governance among not-for-profit leaders.

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9 Things To Consider For Disability Accommodations
Nonprofit managers are often very attuned to disabilities and the talents disabled people can bring to the workforce. Unfortunately, that awareness does not always translate into easy provision of accommodations for those employees. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has made a wide variety of material available on its Website, including an online resource for small businesses, the Small Business Resource Center (SBRC)
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Is your Nonprofit trying to do more with less? You can cut your payment processing costs by 60% with automation. In addition to reduced costs, you also have better visibility into spending. Wouldn't that be helpful for presenting to the board? Check out our guide to see how other nonprofits have benefited from automation.

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Basic Design For Financial Reporting
With all of the attention-grabbing techno tools available for documents, reports and presentations, it is tempting to load a “paper” with a huge array of charts, graphs, cartoons and clever uses of bright colors. They can help convey the message, but used injudiciously they can also detract from it.
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Communication Takes A Lot Of Listening
Are you talking to your staff every day or close to it? More importantly, are you hearing what they’re saying back? When fostering leadership within an organization, it is essential to analyze and break down silos that interfere with open communication and collaboration. 
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