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Serenic Navigator is Robust, Scalable & User Friendly. Request a demo or join one of our monthly webinars to see how we are helping Nonprofit’s like yours streamline their everyday business operations. AVF Consulting is a member company of the Jitasa Group.

When The Hole In The Resume Is A Prison Stretch
With the enormous numbers of American being incarcerated, and the nature of what many nonprofits, especially smaller organizations, it is no stretch to see that the sector could have to deal with applicants with criminal backgrounds. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has made a wide variety of material on its website, including an online resource for small businesses, the Small Business Resource Center (SBRC).
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Since every business is different, we make it our business to get to know your specific banking needs so that we can help build the right banking solutions for you.  From high yield day-to-day accounts that'll keep your cash growing to the latest services that'll keep it moving as your business requires, we have the tools for the job. Business is already stressful enough without your banking getting in the way. Click here to learn more.

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4 Ideas For Auditing Your Data
What shape is your data in? Is donor information being entered correctly? Are you missing important details? Are the terms and units of your data consistent? If you’re not sure of the answers to these questions you need to conduct an audit of your data. A systematic review of your data will help you understand how “clean” your data is and will give you insight into the value of your existing data. An audit can also reveal poor data entry processes and gaps in your data entry and management guidelines. 
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In addition to reduced costs, you also have better visibility into spending. Wouldn't that be helpful for presenting to the board? Check out our guide to see how other nonprofits have benefited from automation. Click here to learn more.

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Leadership Expands Potential Touch Points
Leadership is a buzzword every election season, but it seems especially prevalent in these past few months leading up this November 8th. Members on both sides of the fence might be debating what it means to be a leader. Nonprofit managers already know the subject well and have been tinkering with the ideas of what makes a great leader for years. 
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Strategic Intangibles Are Everywhere
Any strategy for a campaign, such as an annual development campaign, must have clear goals, methods and measurements, along with intelligent and efficient use of resources. Sometimes elements that aren’t always easily defined or measured are important, too.  Sometimes those elements can’t even be anticipated and are only recognized as they arise.
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