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Nonprofit Awareness 50 Points Behind Consumer Brands

August 22, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

Retention rates for some of the top consumer brands eclipse 90 percent. The average nonprofit hovers at just over 40 percent. It begs the question: What the heck are they doing over in corporate America and what can be replicated for the charitable sector?

Consumerism Driving Professional Memberships

August 21, 2017       Andy Segedin      

When was the last time that you walked into a Blockbuster to check out the new releases? At the turn of the century, Blockbuster was a multi-billion-dollar business that had cornered the video market. At the same time, little-known Netflix was carving out a niche in the home-delivery space. Less than 20 years later, which will you be using while you settle down this evening?

5 New Tax Impacts On Out-Of-State Employees

August 21, 2017       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Think about what your workplace looked like 15 years ago. Look around it now. In addition to some new faces, new technology, and, maybe, new furnishings, one of the main things that you might notice is what isn’t there at all – many of your co-workers.
The Internet and cloud computing has enabled nonprofits to employ more and more out-of-state staff members who can log-in remotely. Some workplaces are made up entirely of staff logging in from a coffee shop six states away.

$2 Billion Man Jerry Lewis Dies At 91

August 21, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

Just two weeks before Labor Day, when most people remember watching Jerry Lewis host the annual Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) telethon, the legendary comedian died on Sunday. He was 91.

Advocates Writing Big Checks, NPOs Relocating Events After Charlottesville

August 18, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

Philanthropy responded on a number of fronts following protests that turned violent in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend and President Donald Trump’s assertion that both sides were to blame.

Nonprofits Advance Climate Accord Despite Federal Government Rejection

August 18, 2017       Andy Segedin      

While many wait to see how President Donald J. Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord impacts global efforts to combat climate change, the beat goes on for members of the nonprofit sector. Rather than adjusting objectives to meet the new administration, partnerships have been created with local government and industry to forge ahead.

CFC Campaign Will Be Delayed By A Month

August 15, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

The workplace giving program for federal employees will begin later than usual this year, kicking off Oct. 2 and running through Jan. 12, 2018. It cuts a month out of the giving cycle.

Fundraisers: Heed George Costanza’s Warning On Relationships

August 15, 2017       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Worlds collide at the expense of Seinfeld’s George Costanza in one famous episode, “killing” independent George. The theory of the episode is that it is important to separate romantic and social relationships.

Texting Might Be The Only Way To Inform Constituents

August 14, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

Now that most cell phone plans wrap texting into the base fee, a lot more people are sending and receiving text messages. This is a big deal because texts are not like emails. They pop up on the screen instantly and are hard to ignore.

Open This Email, Not That One

August 8, 2017       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

An estimated 269 billion emails go out each day, according to a recent study by The Radicati Group In Palo Alto, Calif. (Email Statistics Report, 2017-2021)