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  • Webinar: Turning Data Into Donations

    By The NonProfit Times — August 21, 2014

    Analytics and data are two topics that can give any nonprofit manager a headache. Instead of taking another Advil to deal with the stress, why not let The NonProfit Times and IBM help make things easier to understand.

  • Dealing With An Organization’s Dirty Laundry

    By Thomas McLaughlin — August 20, 2014

    Most children learn about Magic Hampers. These are containers of some sort that the adults in the family put in a kid-friendly location. The formula is simple – put dirty clothes in the thing and eventually, like magic, those clothes reappear neatly folded and clean. The child thinks, how did this happen? That evolves into who cares?

  • Why Being An Older Job Seeker Isn’t A Liability

    By The NonProfit Times — August 20, 2014

    Hiring managers will never admit it but when they receive a job application from an older job seeker, they probably look at it with at least some hesitation.

  • Mid-Level Donors Getting A Cold Shoulder

    By The NonProfit Times — August 19, 2014

    Mid-level donors might live in a strange place in your development department. They’re not serviced with the same automation that your direct mail file is, but they also most likely don’t warrant the personal touch of the major giving department.

  • Charity Defense Council Plans $1 Million March

    By Zach Halper — August 18, 2014

    How much is 60 miles worth? For the Charity Defense Council (CDC), the hope is that a 60-mile march from Maine to Massachusetts translates to $1 million to fund the anti-regulation organization’s operating budget.

  • 5 Specific Risks To Special Events

    By Dan Luttrell — August 18, 2014

    Almost all nonprofits have special events. They raise awareness about vital causes and raise funds to cover some of the costs of service delivery. They can be as simple as a small open house or as large as a major sporting event.

  • A Cool, Make That Cold, $2.4 Million For ALS

    By Mark Hrywna — August 13, 2014

    The Ice Bucket Challenge is heating up the doldrums of summer fundraising for the ALS Association, which has raked in some $4 million in donations this month on a wave of news coverage and social media. ALS, which stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, may be more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

  • Branding Won’t Stifle City Harvest’s Creativity

    By The NonProfit Times — August 12, 2014

    At City Harvest in New York City, “Brand is sacred,” said Vice President of Marketing Heather Wallace. “A strong brand is the foundation for everything at City Harvest. It creates legitimacy.”

  • The Cost When A Plus B Does Not Lead To C

    By The NonProfit Times — August 11, 2014

    A/B testing is not just a best practice. It’s a culture, said Jim Pugh, CEO of ShareProgress, based in San Francisco. “It’s a commitment of running your program in a different way, measuring the effectiveness of your choices, making decisions using data,” he said.

  • Bring Your Fundraising Into Better Focus

    By The NonProfit Times — August 7, 2014

    How would you rate your nonprofit’s fundraising levels? If you answered anything other than “great” or “good,” it’s time to re-evaluate the way you go about things. That’s where StratusLive can help.


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