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WWP Revenue Declined 20% After Controversy

May 18, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

Contributions to Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) dropped almost 20 percent last year but future declines could be more precipitous given the timing of the charity’s fiscal year.

Universal Deduction Might Boost Giving

May 18, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

Charitable giving could take a hit of between $5 billion and $13 billion under current tax reform proposals by Republican lawmakers but another policy change could make up that difference and then some, according to a new study released today.

How To Kill Your Program

May 16, 2017       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Some institutions seem bent on making sure their estate giving programs don’t grow and thrive. While reasons for marginalizing estate giving donors and treating them as if they don’t matter aren’t clear, these are highly effective strategies for discouraging planned gifts.

Former Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Employee Sentenced To 10 Months

May 15, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

A Rockville, Md., man was sentenced to 10 months in prison and three years of supervised release for his role in a scheme involving stolen IT equipment and fraudulent invoicing during his tenure at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF).

Rate Of Legit Email Getting Caught In Spam Filters Jumped

May 15, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

Fundraising emails were caught up in spam filters twice as often last year compared with 2015, costing the average nonprofit as much as $25,000 in lost revenue last year, including more than $6,000 on #GivingTuesday alone, according to a new report.

Tax Reform Has Charity Officials Debating Strategy

May 15, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

After years of fighting the previous administration’s efforts to limit the charitable deduction, many nonprofit sector leaders have shifted to embrace the idea of a universal deduction for all taxpayers as an incentive to boost charitable giving.

Study: Generation Gap Persists in Giving By Women

May 11, 2017       Andy Segedin      

Millennial women are more likely than their Baby-Boomer counterparts to give spontaneously and encourage others to support the organizations that they support, according to a new Fidelity Charitable study. Nearly three-quarters (71 percent) of Millennial women report that they are often motivated to give in the moment as opposed to strategically, while only 48 percent of Baby Boomers feel the same way.

Study Shows ‘Big Bets’ Are Mostly Add-Ons

May 11, 2017       Andy Segedin      

When it comes to making big bets in philanthropy, U.S. donors are generally more comfortable adding on to what already exists than building a campaign or system from scratch. The result is that a half-dozen of the 10 most common types of big bets are seldom utilized.

Museum Boards Get Low Marks on Diversity, Policy

May 9, 2017       Andy Segedin      

The school year is winding to a close this year and, when assessing their own boards’ performance, chairs of museum boards and their directors believe that they are passing, but not excelling. The average self-graded performance is a B-, with improvement to be found particularly in the arenas of diversity and monitoring policy.

Investing In Donors: Facilitate Cyber Conversations

May 9, 2017       Allison Fine      

Imagine overhearing this conversation in the hall at a fundraising conference: “We’ve decided to invest more on donor retention than donor acquisition this year.”