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  • Giving To Ministries Jumped 5%

    By Mark Hrywna — December 22, 2015

    Total cash giving to Christian ministries was up 5 percent last year, totaling $12 billion in 2014 but still not quite reaching pre-recession levels.

  • N.Y. Shuts Sham Leukemia Charity

    By Mark Hrywna — December 22, 2015

    A sham leukemia charity run out of the basement of a Brooklyn, N.Y., home will shut down and its founders barred from ever running another United States-based nonprofit. Other officers will be barred from running or soliciting for any New York charities under a settlement agreement with the New York Attorney General’s Office. The settlement is subject to court approval.

  • Rethinking Of The Donor, Healthcare Relationship

    By Andy Segedin — December 22, 2015

    The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has raised nearly $400 million in philanthropic gifts during the past three years through its donor base of about 80,000. Approximately 3,000 high-level donors have accounted for 97 percent of revenue.

  • Legislation Introduced To Block IRS’s Donor SSN Rule

    By Andy Segedin — December 18, 2015

    A bipartisan House bill could pull the rug out from under a proposed amendment to Income Tax Regulations that has drawn the ire of nonprofits.

  • Giving Incentives Pass House, Senate

    By Mark Hrywna — December 18, 2015

    A measure to make dozens of tax extenders permanent, including three charitable giving incentives, was approved by the House of Representatives on Thursday. The House followed that up this morning by approving a $1.1-trillion year-end spending bill that will fund the federal government through September.

  • Giving Incentives Added To Pending Legislation

    By Mark Hrywna — December 16, 2015

    Key charitable giving incentives would be made permanent, along with dozens of other so-called “tax extenders,” under a measure set to be voted on by Congress this week.

  • VolunteerMatch’s Salesforce Account Breached By Malware

    By NPT Staff — December 15, 2015

    Malware on a VolunteerMatch computer has led to the unauthorized access of contact information within the organization’s Salesforce account. Compromised information includes email addresses, business addresses and telephone numbers within VolunteerMatch’s business records with Salesforce. As credit card information is not stored in such records, such data was not part of the breach.

  • Red Cross Gets Blood Consent Decree Lifted

    By Mark Hrywna — December 15, 2015

    After almost 23 years and $47 million in fines, the blood services operation of the American Red Cross (ARC) is no longer under a consent decree with oversight by the federal government.

  • Myanmar’s Giving Dumps U.S. Out Of First Place

    By Andy Segedin — December 15, 2015

    A decrease in rate of monetary giving and kindness to strangers has bumped the United States off of its perch atop the World Giving Index. Within a given month, 76 percent of Americans helped a stranger, 63 percent donated money and 44 percent volunteered in 2014. Those figures stood at 79 percent, 68 percent and 44 percent, respectively, in 2013.

  • A Picture Can Be Worth 1,000 Donors

    By Andy Segedin — December 15, 2015

    Before the T-shirts, the book, the based-on-real-events movie or the nonprofit organization, To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) in Melbourne, Fla., was a Myspace post. Born out of social media, TWLOHA has adjusted with the times during the past decade and ventured into photo and video-based platforms to bolster support for the cause, to aid those struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury and thoughts of suicide.


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