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Cowboys Ring Tampa’s Bell And Sal Army’s Kettle

December 19, 2016       Mark Hrywna      

The Green Bay Packers have the Lambeau Leap and the Pittsburgh Steelers have the Terrible Towel. The Salvation Army may have to come up with a nickname for Ezekiel Elliott’s vault into the giant Red Kettle during last night’s nationally televised Sunday Night Football game.

Millennials Want Skills-Based Involvement With Charities

December 19, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Skill development is a driving factor in Millennials’ philanthropic engagement. A quarter of Millennials surveyed indicated that they volunteer through their work to utilize their skills or expertise. More than three-quarters (77 percent) indicated that they’d be more likely to volunteer if they could use a specific skill or expertise to benefit a cause.

IS Projects Trump’s First 100 Days

December 16, 2016       Andy Segedin      

Steps toward healthcare and tax reform are expected to be among the initial priorities in Donald Trump’s first 100 days in the oval office. During a webinar on Friday, representatives of Washington, D.C.-based advocacy organization Independent Sector previewed what nonprofit leaders can expect early on in Trump’s presidency and detailed how the organization will engage moving forward.

Election Prompts Donors To Give More

December 15, 2016       Mark Hrywna      

One in four Americans has increased or plans to increase support for nonprofits and charities, with 15 percent coming through donations, as a result of the presidential election.

Millions Approved For Targeting Lead In Flint Water

December 15, 2016       Andy Segedin      

A bi-partisan Congressional agreement will provide $170 million in assistance to Flint, Mich. and other communities impacted by lead contamination.

22% Of Potential Donors Sitting It Out

December 14, 2016       Andy Segedin      

If it isn’t clear already, the future generation of donors and volunteers prioritize and engage in ways far different than many organizations’ current bread and butter – Baby Boomers. Millennials, for instance, are far more likely to rely on friends (44 percent to 29 percent) and social media (30 percent to 11 percent) when making choices about giving or volunteering.

Demand Up But Staffing An Issue For Nonprofits

December 14, 2016       Mark Hrywna      

Almost one-third of nonprofit leaders say they’re unable to meet increased demand for services and more than half expect conditions to become more difficult next year.

A ‘Most Promising’ Branding Campaign

December 13, 2016       Paul Clolery      

When Beyoncé released her single declaring that girls “Run the World,” she must have been referencing the work done at Girls Inc. to engage donors at all levels of giving and support safe spaces for girls to express themselves on a local and national scale.

Creepy Clowns Impacts Mission, Donors

December 12, 2016       Andy Segedin      

Creepy, “killer” clowns cropped up in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and then across the country — drawing community concerns and headlines in the local news. Tim Cunningham, a professional clown, counts himself among those who are not laughing.

Independent Sector Cuts 25% Of Workforce

December 8, 2016       Paul Clolery      

A significant reduction in force is underway at Independent Sector (IS), the advocacy organization launched in 1980 by legendary charity advocates John Gardner and Brian O’Connell. The reduction of 11 of 45 staff comes weeks after the organization’s annual conference, “New Frontiers,” in mid-November.