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  • Minimum Wage No Small Issue For Nonprofits

    By Andy Segedin — December 31, 2015

    Just 75 cents per hour is all that it took to push a program of one rural Michigan nonprofit from breaking even to deep into the red. LifeChallenge of Michigan in Hillsdale, Mich., operated Tastes of Life, a restaurant program that provided employees looking to find their feet an opportunity to gain real-world work experience.

  • Risk & Security

    By Andy Segedin — December 31, 2015

    Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino Calif., site of the terror attack that killed 14 and injured 17 on Dec. 2, had recently participated in active-shooter training. Leeza Hoyt, a spokesperson for IRC, confirmed that the center’s staff had undergone active shooter training but could not reveal specifics.

  • College Football Playoff By The Fundraising Numbers

    By Mark Hrywna — December 29, 2015

    It wouldn’t be New Year’s without dozens of college football bowl games big and small being played around the country, including the College Football Playoff that will determine this year’s national champion. Athletics can play a big part of fundraising at most any institute of higher education so The NonProfit Times examined upcoming bowl matchups based not on football prowess but by the amount of funds raised by development offices.

  • CFOs Have Their Heads in ‘The Cloud’

    By NPT Staff — December 23, 2015

    Often known for being task-focused and grounded, many nonprofit CFOs actually have their heads in the clouds. When asked for the top three technology investments they plan to make with their organization within the next 18 months, 37 percent of CFOs prioritized moving more systems to the cloud. The sum ranked third in a recent survey behind systems integration, 72 percent, and data analytics, 61 percent.

  • The Consigliere

    By Paul Clolery — December 22, 2015

    John Gardner and Brian O’Connell are acknowledged across the nonprofit world as the godfathers of modern philanthropic thought and action. Hardly mentioned is Bob Smucker, the man who was one of their chief influencers. He was the sector’s Tom Hagen, counselor to the guys out front.

  • Motivators: What Are They?

    By Herschell Gordon Lewis — December 22, 2015

    Look through the time machine, back to the distant past. Those were kinder, gentler times, before electronic media and their bastard children Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Tumblr and Yelp and Linked­In and Flickr and Bebo and YouTube and Foursquare and the whole gang of “social media” that long since have abandoned the prefix word “social” came storming into our alternate universe.

  • Giving To Ministries Jumped 5%

    By Mark Hrywna — December 22, 2015

    Total cash giving to Christian ministries was up 5 percent last year, totaling $12 billion in 2014 but still not quite reaching pre-recession levels.

  • N.Y. Shuts Sham Leukemia Charity

    By Mark Hrywna — December 22, 2015

    A sham leukemia charity run out of the basement of a Brooklyn, N.Y., home will shut down and its founders barred from ever running another United States-based nonprofit. Other officers will be barred from running or soliciting for any New York charities under a settlement agreement with the New York Attorney General’s Office. The settlement is subject to court approval.

  • Rethinking Of The Donor, Healthcare Relationship

    By Andy Segedin — December 22, 2015

    The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has raised nearly $400 million in philanthropic gifts during the past three years through its donor base of about 80,000. Approximately 3,000 high-level donors have accounted for 97 percent of revenue.

  • Legislation Introduced To Block IRS’s Donor SSN Rule

    By Andy Segedin — December 18, 2015

    A bipartisan House bill could pull the rug out from under a proposed amendment to Income Tax Regulations that has drawn the ire of nonprofits.

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