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  • Travel Reimbursement Scam Unraveled at JDRF

    By The NonProfit Times — March 10, 2008

    In the wake of the alleged theft of several hundred thousand dollars by two employees, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is faced with shoring up its image among donors.

  • Branding… Your image can take a hit from myths

    By The NonProfit Times — March 6, 2008

    By now, the term “branding” is ingrained into the consciousness of everyone in the nonprofit/philanthropic sector. Despite this widespread awareness, there is a lack of understanding about just what a brand is and what it does.

  • New NonProfit Times Editorial – Don’t Tell The Donor and many more!

    By The NonProfit Times — March 5, 2008

    NPTimes has a new editorial section! Visit us every two weeks to check out our latest web-only content including articles from Don’t Tell The Donor and many others. Click Here to go to NPT’s Web Exclusives. Below is a taste of the latest article from Don’t Tell The Donor featured on our site.

  • Nonprofit IT Staffing

    By The NonProfit Times — March 4, 2008

    Staffing information technology positions at nonprofits is not easy and it can be very expensive. The NonProfit Times and NTEN, the nonprofit technology network, teamed up to find out the state of the nonprofit IT sector from more than 1,000 organizations. Small organizations continue to struggle. The average tenure of an IT profession is slightly more than four years. Read the report at:

  • White House Report Maps Faith Based Programs

    By Mark Hrywna — March 3, 2008

    In its final year in power, the Bush administration has begun the process of writing its version of history, outlining the efforts of its often controversial Faith-Based and Community Initiative (FBCI) in a newly-released report.

  • Estate Tax Wont Die

    By Mark Hrywna — March 1, 2008

    If you’re planning on a couple of rich donors dying in the next few years, you might want to pencil in 2010 for keeping them alive if the goal is for them to avoid estate taxes.

    There will be no estate tax that year unless Congress takes action but it will return in 2011. Of course, if the estate is more modest, say, less than the $2 million exemption, it would be exempt from the tax and a donor living longer might be more in your best interest.

  • California Legislation Pushing Foundation Funding Diversity

    By Mark Hrywna — March 1, 2008

    Foundations are lining up against mandated diversity transparency legislation in California that could have ramifications beyond the Golden State.

    The Democrat-led California Assembly, by a 45-29 vote, approved a bill in late January that requires foundations with more than $250 million in assets to collect diversity-related data for their boards, staff, nonprofit grantees and clients served through their grantmaking, and publish it on the Web and in annual reports.

  • Fuel Costs Eating Up Food Banks

    By Mark Hrywna — March 1, 2008

    The highest inflation rate in 17 years means higher prices for everyone, but food banks across the country in particular are facing tough choices as a result of skyrocketing costs coupled with rising demand for service.

  • *&%$#@* Your Email Got Trashed

    By The NonProfit Times — February 29, 2008

    With a little imagination and a bit of a potty mouth, it shouldn’t be too hard to think of what the “Seven Dirty Words” might be in George Carlin’s infamous 197s stand-up comedy routine.

  • Web tools that can make your life easier

    By The NonProfit Times — February 28, 2008

    Although getting the maximum use out of online tools can be complicated at first, even daunting to smaller organizations, there are avenues that can be helpful.


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