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  • Recruiting At The Elite Level

    By Stuart Kahan — August 1, 2005

    “When we look to propel a candidate into the elite level, we look for, among other things, some courage in judgments or decisions that are out of the ordinary,” explained Arnie Miller, former president of Isaacson, Miller, one of the premier executive recruiters for nonprofits.

  • Panel Report Goes To Congress And IRS

    By Paul Clolery — August 1, 2005

    Summertime and the living isn’t easy — in Washington, D.C. anyway. Congress is out, but sitting on the desk of Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, is the final report by The Panel on the Nonprofit Sector. The report was presented to Grassley, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Mark Everson and Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont.

  • Ho Ho Dough

    By Craig Causer — July 15, 2005

    Nonprofits bank on the goodwill of the public during the holiday season. Will the sector hit the jackpot and score the allegorical Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass on the stock and this thing that tells time? Or, can it expect more along the lines of a lump of grandma’s stale fruitcake?

  • Orders In Stuff Out

    By Craig Causer — July 15, 2005

    The Save the Children (STC) gift shop at the nonprofit’s Westport, Conn., headquarters has been hawking everything from t-shirts to jewelry and holiday cards for 20 years. Total retail sales reached nearly $400,000 last year, 49 percent from its on-site store; 38 percent from online sales; and 13 percent via its catalog.

  • A Wristed Development

    By Craig Causer — July 15, 2005

    The outcome of attempting to match the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s $50 million-plus sales of its LIVESTRONG wristband is about as attainable as wresting the yellow jersey from Armstrong himself in the Pyrenees. The Austin, Texas-based foundation’s yellow band is everywhere you look, but during the past six months nonprofits have been adding more color to the wristband rainbow.

  • Financial Disclosure Takes Root

    By Todd Cohen — July 1, 2005

    In 1999, when GuideStar announced it would post on its Web site all Form 990 information returns that nonprofits file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), “all hell broke loose,” said Bob Ottenhoff, president and CEO.

  • Habitat and Fuller Call Truce On Name

    By Robert Ford — July 1, 2005

    What’s in a name? The answer is a lawsuit, if you’re Millard Fuller, the fired founder of Habitat for Humanity International (HFH) in Americus, Ga. It’s especially the answer if you’ve formed a new organization that executives at HFH believe can be mistaken for your former one and it’s not only in the same town but right up the road.

  • Americans Gave Nearly 250 Billion Dollars In 2004

    By Matthew Sinclair — July 1, 2005

    Though 2004 ended with a series of waves that devastated southern Asia and Indonesia, giving to tsunami relief was barely a ripple in the tidal wave of support for philanthropic efforts during the year.

  • The Fundraising Office Of The Future

    By Paul Clolery — June 15, 2005

    Everyone has been waiting for the future promised by Hanna Barbera, where George Jetson’s morning coffee is just a push-button away and Rosie the Robot helps out with Elroy’s homework.

  • Breaking The Bottleneck

    By Craig Causer — June 15, 2005

    When the South Asia tsunami struck this past December, an unprecedented number of people turned to the Internet as their avenue to provide financial support. Nonprofits swiftly responded with online content and appeals. And while the rapid influx of cash was a welcome boon, some nonprofits were technologically ill- prepared for the relentless traffic that responded to the natural disaster.


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