Special Report-Buy Build or Rent

May 1, 2001       Tim Mills Groninger      

Information management has become increasingly important in running an effective nonprofit organization. At the IT Resource Center in Chicago, we have been part of a quiet revolution in how organizations think about this core corporate asset.

OPX To Launch

April 1, 2001       Todd Cohen      

The charitable world is poised to join the ranks of roughly 300 other vertical markets that have established industry-wide open standards for online transactions.

Next Up For Bid-Your Organizations History

April 1, 2001       Matthew Sinclair      

Many people know James Naismith invented basketball when he was a YMCA instructor. Some might even know that a Y instructor invented volleyball.

Venture Dollars Coming With a Helping Hand

April 1, 2001       Tom Pope      

The Austin, Texas-based nonprofit Knowbility holds Internet events to help people with disabilities explore careers in high-tech. But the organization’s leaders had a more national vision.

Nonprofits fill pockets … err … coffers

April 1, 2001       Matthew Sinclair      

Sex sells. It may also give.

Special Report: Innovative Fundraising Ideas Bring in Cash For Bold Organizations

April 1, 2001       Clint Carpenter      

What sounds like a creative way for corporations to improve their image isn’t always the brainchild of a for-profit company. And when an innovative idea comes from the nonprofit sector, it can lead to relationships that help its mission, and even those of other organizations.

Passing the Plate

March 15, 2001       Todd Cohen      

Financial research on Christian groups is the focus of a new nonprofit Web site designed to serve donors. Created by a former portfolio manager for Templeton Investment Counsel, MinistryWatch has built a database of more than 400 U.S.-based Christian charities that raise roughly $6 billion a year.

Women Are Now Driving Nonprofit Direct Response Marketing

March 15, 2001       Craig Causer      

As director of direct response marketing for the American Diabetes Association and a veteran fundraiser, Joanne Del Giorno hasn’t battled alone to gain respect and acceptance from the historically male-driven arena of direct response marketing. With a little help from many female mentors throughout her career she has worked to forge a multi-million dollar fundraising program while becoming one of the most prominent nonprofit marketers of either gender.

Nonprofits Are Election Losers

March 15, 2001       Clint Carpenter      

Some of the nation’s largest nonprofits experienced severe declines in direct mail response during late 2000 and early 2001, some as much as 50 percent. Direct mail experts believe the uncertainty of the national election and a slowing of the economy are to blame for the reversal of fortunes.

WBAI is Latest Pacifica Storm

March 1, 2001       Tom Pope      

Recent firings and the questionable barring of some people at WBAI radio in New York City leave the staff once more at odds with the Pacifica Foundation which owns the station.

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