Down and Out

August 1, 2001       Todd Cohen      

The e-philanthropy roller coaster is picking up speed.

Groups Bringing Space Down to Earth for Students

August 1, 2001       Matthew Sinclair      

“In space there is no 9-1-1,” was the theme of one track of a design competition for grade-school students interested in space. But to former-United States senator and astronaut John Glenn, the nation’s children are in need of life support when it comes to math and science education.

Nonprofits Face Regulation

August 1, 2001       Tom Pope      

A big scandal always grabs attention. But when nonprofits fall under the gun of the state charity official, attorney general or other regulators, they can be slapped with any number of infractions.

Community Service Conference Transitions From Star Studded

August 1, 2001       Matthew Sinclair      

Last year, the national conference on volunteering and community service felt a bit like high school.

Technology Evolves

July 1, 2001       Todd Cohen      

San Jose-based HandsNet has roughly halved its staff to seven and closed its training center in Washington, D.C., as part of a shift in strategy.

Playing Percentages

July 1, 2001       Craig Causer      

College commencement is a turning point in which the newly crowned graduate is welcomed into the “real world” with often eye-popping student loan bills, job market concerns and the ever-pressing question, “How can I move out of my parent’s basement?”

High Profile Coaches Fund More Than Sports

July 1, 2001       Clint Carpenter      

People in Lubbock, Texas began clamoring the instant they realized Bobby Knight was going to be Texas Tech University’s new men’s basketball coach – flooding the season ticket office with requests.

Linking Unrelated Events Boosts Volunteer Activities

July 1, 2001       Tom Pope      

Volunteer groups fill the landscape more than the average person is aware. The New York City committee fostering the International Year of the Volunteer (IYV) linked with several groups to boost special events this spring, especially for the month-long dedication of April as the month of the volunteer.

Introspection Brings Sparks at United Way

July 1, 2001       Matthew Sinclair      

At United Way of America’s (UWA) Community Leaders Conferences, conference-goers are more likely to network outside hotel elevators and in gift shops than in the hotel bar. Yet the latest CLC in St. Louis carried with it a strange hangover feeling compared to past years.

Special Report: Safely Storing Your Accumulated Data

July 1, 2001       Clint Carpenter      

Mention the prospect of a disaster wiping out an organization’s financial, donor and member data and people think of earthquakes, floods and tornadoes. But, sometimes humans pose the greatest danger.

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