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Alumni Giving

November 1, 2001       Todd Cohen      

Only 8 percent of its 65,000 living alumni contribute to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The school generates between $7 million and $8 million annually from alumni, parents and other “friends,” and has raised more than $37 million in the quiet phase 9 of a planned $100 million capital campaign.

Ronald McDonald House Cashes in on e-Payments

October 1, 2001       Craig Causer      

The annual Rock 103 Wake Up Crew’s Ronald McDonald House Radiothon has been a staple fundraiser for years for the Memphis, Tenn.-based nonprofit. Despite a collection rate traditionally entrenched in the 80 percentile, Ronald McDonald House, Memphis (RMHM) improved the number of pledges cashed in by utilizing an ePayment system.

Special Report: Tech or Treat

October 1, 2001       Craig Causer      

Over the last 50 years many of the grand Halloween traditions have been taken to the grave. Rarely does one go outhouse tipping in response to failing to receive a treat. Children today sport lifelike latex headpieces and appendages rather than the stifling plastic mask and smock combo of 1970s yore. And who can forget spinning their Monster Mash 45 rpm on the trusty RCA record player?

Special Report: Fast FWD

October 1, 2001       Craig Causer      

When President George W. Bush proposed a restriction on federal funding for family planning last February, little did he know that his loudest rebuttal would come from none other than himself. Through the power of the Internet, and some fortuitous events, evolved a viral campaign designed to raise dollars in the president’s name to support contraceptive medical coverage.

Peer To Peer

October 1, 2001       Tom Pope      

David Rynick is booting up the Massachusetts nonprofit he heads.

Special Report: ResourceLink Quickly Moves Food to the Hungry

September 1, 2001       Bridget Rosenberg      

Like most organizations, America’s Second Harvest in Chicago is always considering ways in which technology can help. The nonprofit relies heavily on the donations of food and grocery products. Their challenge is moving food from the donors, through their organization, to local affiliates.

Special Report: Promise Stations

September 1, 2001       Craig Causer      

As the seventh largest city in the nation, San Diego is known for its bustling waterfront, historic Gaslamp Quarter and famous zoo. These big city attractions belie the fact that it is a small business town – a town whose potential has been targeted by the local affiliate of America’s Promise (AP).

Foundations Struggle With Market Strategies

September 1, 2001       Tom Pope      

Whichever direction the market goes, many institutions are reevaluating investment strategies.

IRS Seeks Nonprofit Help

September 1, 2001       Matthew Sinclair      

Attached to a post outside a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site in Camden, N.J., this past winter was an ad for a recognizable financial services company offering tax preparation for the people in that particular low-income area – for a charge likely around $300.

Pledge Processing Slowly Going Electronic

September 1, 2001       Matthew Sinclair      

Out of the ashes of the United Way Information Network (UWIN), which failed to deliver an automated pledge-processing program, different approaches have arisen. Appropriately enough, Phoenix has become the hotbed for electronic fund processing and workplace giving online.