Getting In Front Of Donors With Different Looks But Same Message

April 15, 2005       Clint Carpenter      

You’re wandering around a large retailer, like Target or Wal-Mart and you nearly knock over a huge stack of bulk bathroom tissue. You know that you’re interested in the product, you need it, but you don’t pick it up that second.

Salvation Army Goes Retail Retro

April 15, 2005       Robert Ford      

As any Simpsons fan knows, Homer’s favorite food is the doughnut. The Northwest Division of the Salvation Army in Seattle, Wash. hopes that consumers in 19 states will feel the same as Homer and will support the return of the Salvation Army’s Famous Doughnuts.

General Ramblings: Personalization Problems

April 15, 2005       Paul Clolery      

Six nonprofit umbrella organizations with members that fundraise via the mail have banded together in an attempt to blunt new United States Postal Service (USPS) rules that could force charities to mail at the more expensive first class rate as of June 1.

Special Report: Microsites Maximizing

April 1, 2005       Craig Causer      

Nothing is more relaxing than stepping back from the rat race to spend a quiet weekend at a serene bed and breakfast or an historic inn. For more than one rural property in Massachusetts, the homespun charm is woven online via microsites thanks to a nonprofit organization — The Trustees of Reservations (TOR) in Sharon, Mass.

Special Report: Online Giving Is More Than The Donate Now Button

April 1, 2005       Robert Ford      

Communication with donors equals dollars. That’s a direct response truism. So why do nonprofits slap a “donate now” button on their Web sites and expect the money to roll in?

Panel On The Nonprofit Sector Issues Report

April 1, 2005       Jeff Jones      

Nonprofit leaders recommended sweeping charitable reform in a new report, even as others in the sector questioned the handling of its release and scope.

Board Members Doing More Giving And Getting Now

April 1, 2005       Todd Cohen      

As it expands its board from 15 members to 25, including some of its clients, the Springfield Citadel of the Salvation Army in Springfield, Mass., plans for the first time to set a specific amount of money, probably $500, that it expects each member to give or raise.

Lists That Generate Cash

March 15, 2005       Jeff Jones      

Tammy Wagner of the American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) learned about list rental and exchange through the school of hard knocks.

Discussing Accountability

March 1, 2005       Jeff Jones      

When two U.S. Senators encouraged Washington, D.C.-based Independent Sector to convene a national panel last September, officials and nonprofit leaders started laying the foundation for a far-reaching review of the sector.

Special Report: Give And Go

March 1, 2005       Matthew Sinclair      

Call it supporting a good cause, hedging one’s bets or cramming for the final exam, Americans tend to prefer donating to faith-based health care or long term care.