Refugee Resettlement Is Getting Harder

December 1, 2004       Tom Pope      

They are just 28 of the more than 1.4 million people estimated by the United Nations to have been driven from their homes because of civil war in the Republic of the Sudan. It’s a war that has claimed between 50,000 and 70,000 lives.

Special Report: Just Try Mailing A Letter-Go Ahead

December 1, 2004       Jeff Jones      

The traditional backbones of nonprofit fundraising have been direct mail and telemarketing. Both areas made headlines this year as several postal issues were debated, and the federal Do Not Call Registry’s (DNCR) legitimacy was upheld.

Special Report: The Year In Review

December 1, 2004       Jeff Jones      

“Have you heard of the terrible family They And the dreadful venomous things They say? Why, half the gossip under the sun, If you trace it back, you will find begun In that wretched House of They” Ella Wheeler Wilcox, “They Say” as quoted in The Pocket Book of Quotations.

Deductions Lost

November 15, 2004       Robert Ford      

Nonprofits that rely on donations of cars and intellectual property expect to suffer severe financial setbacks because of new regulations included in the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004, which takes effect Jan. 1, 2005.

ECHO Honors Nonprofit Winners That Touched Hearts

November 15, 2004       Linda Presto      

Nonprofits are approaching donors with appeals in every shape and style, from the classic direct mail appeal, to telefundraising and catalogs.

New Homeowners Respond To Mail

November 15, 2004       Tom Pope      

Will the person who buys a new home in your community have the disposable cash to become a donor? Testing the idea that new homeowners are responsive, the Salvation Army’s Metropolitan Division received a solid 1.5 percent response to an acquisition mailing this past July.

Special Report-Charities and Donors Turn to Endowments

January 1, 2003       Todd Cohen      

Help, Inc. Center Against Violence near Greensboro, N.C., scrambles year-round to secure grants it needs to cover its $550,000 budget. “It’s a constant worry,” said Cynthia Pugh, executive director.

Special Report: Asset Allocation

January 1, 2003       Todd Cohen      

The stumbling economy is fueling a quest for stability in endowments, which are taking a hard look at how they build and invest their assets. If they haven’t already, endowment officials are assessing investment strategies, shifting assets to investments they believe will be less volatile and encouraging donors to consider alternative gifts, such as real estate or art.

IRS Seeks Ideas For New Form 990

December 1, 2002       Jeff Jones      

Corporate scandals and demands for better accountability in the for-profit world are influencing change in the nonprofit sector, albeit in an unintended way.

Special Report: Public Support Growth Beats GDP by 309 Percent

November 1, 2002       Craig Causer      

The philosopher Plato might as well have been referring to the Form 990 when he said, "A good decision is based on knowledge and not numbers."

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