Hot Nonprofit Web Sites

April 15, 2006       Craig Causer      

Organizing a group of vendors willing to provide their take on what’s hot in nonprofit Web sites, without self-promotion, is always a challenge. But wait, now they actually have to say something nice about that competitor’s work.

Special Report: The Sky Isnt Falling

April 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

Just a few years ago the sky was falling. New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer wanted to slap the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the federal corporate governance law, onto charities. Other lawmakers promised to clean up the nonprofit sector through increased regulation. The projected cost and bureaucracy of it all seemed to scare most nonprofits, and the sector as a whole, into some action on their own.

Houston We Have a Comeback

April 1, 2006       Marla Nobles      

As former Enron executives Kenneth Lay and Jeff Skilling sit in a courtroom in downtown Houston nearly five years after the house of cards that was Enron Corp. came crashing down, Houston’s energy industry is finally making a comeback.

Rent Or Own

April 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

What the stock market was to the 1990s, the real estate market is to the 2000s. Historically low interest rates have facilitated a spending spree and fueled a skyrocketing market. The market may have slowed some while the Federal Reserve has bumped rates up a bit, and might even do so again.

Bush Touts Faith Based Answers For Social Services

April 1, 2006       Paul Clolery      

Competitive federal grants to faith-based charities increased for the third consecutive year during 2005, hitting $2.1 billion from seven federal agencies, according to President George W. Bush.

Defining The Difference Between Charity And Philanthropy

March 27, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

Within in the next five years, the COF probably will be known as the COP. Steve Gunderson, president and chief executive officer of the Council on Foundations (COF), said there have been enough changes in his first six months on the job without a name change to the Council on Philanthropy. “I think we’re doing enough change…Let’s take this one step at a time. We’ll get there. The mindset’s clearly there.”

Raising Kids Who Care

March 15, 2006       Marla Nobles      

After the tsunami hit Southeast Asia in December, 2004, Save the Children ( STC) received more than 26,000 donations from children. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) calculates close to 70,000 visitors to its family-friendly Animaland Web site each month. The nonprofit Learning to Give has, since this past January, distributed more than 3,000 copies of The Giving Game, an interactive philanthropic tool for the whole family.

Live Nude Fundraising

March 15, 2006       Craig Causer      

Sex sells, and has done so for centuries. But one question continues to confront nonprofits: Does an organization need to stay buttoned-up to get people to lay down cash?

Cartoons Have Long Been Politically Incorrect

March 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

It was said that Helen of Troy had a face that could launch 1,000 ships. Now it can be said that a cartoon has launched protests and fatal violence around the globe.

Finance Fundraising And The Executive Suite

March 1, 2006       Paul Clolery      

If yesterday’s nonprofit financial department was a comfortable two-lane highway, today’s financial operation is beginning to look more like the intersection of several highways and train routes with an explosion of city streets thrown in for good measure.

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